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Friday 150801 Run, Run, Run, Run a Mile

Adam arrived to the hut the first time on Wednesday morning like many of us not knowing what he was getting in to. I did not look on the blog so I wasn’t really sure either. When I looked at the release form he had filled out I winced when I saw he had said yes to low back pain, knee pain, shortness of breath, chest pains and headaches. He’s 15 how could he have this many things going on with his body? He did a scaled version of the thruster workout and left saying he thought he was going to throw up. I told him I felt like that too sometimes and off to our stand up paddle board lesson we went.

Thursday morning we again arrived at the hut for the 9am class and Mike asked him how he felt. Sore. We went on with the WOD where Mike told Adam to keep his eyes on Bruce during the running portion. He was wiped out afterward. We had just gotten in the PLAY t- shirts and I asked Adam if he wanted one- he said it’d be cool to have one so when we showed up on Friday that was our first order if business. He put it on right away and went on to do Friday’s WOD. After we went and Bruce gave Adam his first surfing lesson. He said Bruce was great! His favorite part was when Bruce said now you’re going to ride the white water in. Adam said I’m not ready and Bruce said I Don’t Care and pushed his board onto the wave. It was a great ride. He loved it. Because he had been such a great sport about doing all of these really physical activities I told him Saturday he could sleep in and I wouldn’t wake him up. He slept for 16 hours emerging from his room around 3 that afternoon.

Monday morning we were back at the hut at 9am. It was a front squat burpee pull up workout and he killed it. As we were leaving the hut he said, “That was a fun workout!” He proceeded to tell me all of the parts he enjoyed- all of it. Tuesday was his last day in town and we went to the 9am class before going straight to the airport. The workout was Push presses and long jumps the class was huge and he killed it. He left the hut chatting away about all of the great people, how great the workout was and how much fun he had doing it. I’m so excited to have shared CrossFit Malibu with Adam because I think he learned the same thing I learned and continue to learn- that he is much stronger than he thinks he is and yes, he CAN do it.

Thank you, Mike for creating a very special place for us to learn just how strong we are.

Thanks Deana for the write-up of Adam’s experiences at CrossFit Malibu! Adam arrived able to do one chin up, but no pull ups… and now he can do lots of them. Too bad we can’t all make that kind of progress : )

Visiting "Aunt Deana", Adam spent a week away from Tennessee and toured all the local spots and hung out with all the famous locals: Laurie at the Hut and lessons at LIttle Dume with Bruce K
Visiting “Aunt Deana”, Adam spent a week away from Tennessee and toured all the local spots and hung out with all the famous locals: Laurie at the Hut and lessons at Little Dume with Bruce K



Saturday Sessions coming this weekend:
8:45am CrossFit Total class, 10am Group/Partner WOD

Friday 7, 9, 10am, 3 and 5pm WODs
3 rounds of 400m run, each for finding a steady “race pace” towards a 1 mile run PR*
Rest as needed after each 400m effort
1 mile run for time
Post mile time to chalkboard/journals and PR boards.

*The idea is to practice pacing in order to PR on the mile run… NOT to blaze each 400m.
It is important that you have a one mile time that you would like to attain… then in class you will do the math to figure out how fast you need to run each 400m segment (also known as a “split”) in order to hit that one mile run PR time!

**Anyone not running these days will do the same type of session- but on the C2 Rower- pacing out a 2,000m PR- First rowing TWO paced 500m splits with plenty of rest in between and then going for a 500m PR row.

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