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Tuesday 150714 Row Couplet Row

The CrossFit Malibu Summer Bingo Game begins!  Across this week we will release each category in day-by-day blog posts.  By the end of the week you will have all categories and squares- as well as your own personal bingo card so that you can keep track of your status.  It is just like BINGO- you do your best to cover all of the squares as you can- you have until the end of summer to get as far as you can to a blackout!  Each square contains the instructions for that challenge as well as how to PROVE it by posting it on either our blog comments, on Facebook or on Instagram.  When you do it and post it, you can check off your personal BINGO card.  You also will show everyone at the Hut that you completed it by putting your initials on the chalkboard BINGO card. Here is the first category:

The CrossFit Lifestyle 

  • Learn/play a new sport or activity– Get out and try something you haven’t done before. It could be as formal as taking a lesson or as casual as having a friend take you out for a session. It must be something active that requires some level of physical fitness, something that you haven’t done before and it must be at least 2 hours of activity/practice- which could take place over more than one session. Post a picture of you playing/practicing AND something about the experience AND who taught/instructed you.
  • Participate in a WOD at another CrossFit Affiliate– It must be a box you have not previously been to… that’s right- a new one. It can be local or in another city, state or country. Post the name of the box, the WOD details, your time/data and one thing you liked about that gym.
  • Go to the CrossFit Games With the Games right here in our backyard… there is ALMOST no excuse not to! The price is right at $50 for a 6 day pass in the Stub Hub Soccer Stadium- OR you can go for free to the masters competition from July 21-23rd OR you can attend the athlete event at Hermosa Beach on July 22nd. Post a picture of you at one of the events posing with a 2015 Games athlete!
  • Get some body work– Yup, massage IS a part of the CrossFit life… and if you don’t know that already- the sooner you understand it the better! Post the details about the location, especially if you liked it! No pictures please 🙂
  • Other CrossFit-Lifestyle activity– This is a “free space” to come up with something interesting that brings together YOU and CrossFit. Be creative and post a picture or explanation of your activity and why it should “count” towards checking off this box!
Summer Bingo at CrossFit Malibu- here is the group bingo card… you will get your own card and a packet of complete guidelines this week!
Summer Bingo at CrossFit Malibu- here is the group bingo card.  You will get your own bingo card and a packet of complete guidelines this week!  When you complete a square- you mark it here!

Tuesday 6, 7, 9am, 4, 6pm WODs.  Gymnastics class 5pm.
For time:
1k row
10 rounds of the couplet:
10 wall ball shots (20/14#)
10 toes to bar
1k row
Post each row time and total time and scaling to journals/chalkboard
B scaling: 8 reps for the couplet
C scaling: 6 reps for the couplet

Compare to April 7 2015

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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