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Monday 150713 Run Couplet Run

For the past 6 weeks our Tuesday 5pm gymnastics specialty class has focused on the basics in order to improve core strength and gain better kinesthetic awareness. Our athletes have found that pursuing virtuosity in the hollow body and arch positions makes a noticeable difference when translated to non-gymnastics movements. We have had awesome turn outs for every class with 8-12 people in each session.

In this 6 week series, 9 athletes opted purchase an additional homework portion which included daily practice and a CrossFit Journal article/video that related to the weekly session. These participants got in more practice and combined with the heightened accountability garnered even more favorable results.

We begin the next 6 week gymnastics cycle on Tuesday July 21st and our new focus is going to be on HANDSTANDS. We will work with: handstand holds, handstand pushups, and handstand walking. Those who attend all classes will benefit most- so show up!

The additional homework available for this session is a personally tailored homework program involving holds, walking, or pushups and is available for $65. While our attendance in the class open to an unlimited number of athletes- only 6 slots are open for individualized practice homework packets, so sign up now by emailing Kolby at kolby.krystofik@gmail.com or by signing up on the board in the small room.

A reminder that the gymnastics specialty class is included in every CrossFit Malibu unlimited membership & is an excellent addition or supplement in your training program.

New athlete Elizabeth drilling the hang power snatch in a  training session last week.
New athlete Elizabeth drilling the hang power snatch in a training session last week.

Monday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs.  Underground Strength 6pm

For time:
600m run
30-25-20-15 reps of the couplet:
DB power snatch (70/50#)
Weighted DB walking lunge
600m run
Post time and load.
B scaling option: 20-15-15-10-10, for 70 reps total each movement

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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