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Monday 150629 Run Couplet Run

Today’s Blogpost is by Josh… who just returned from his birthday trip to Hawaii!
For my twenty-first birthday I decided to spend my week in Honolulu, Hawaii and every day I was up around 4:30 AM to hike or surf. My adventure started at 4:30 AM on Tuesday when I did a sunrise hike at Kokohead which was brutal for a pre-sunrise hike and Bruce K. can probably attest to this. The trail was all stairs (wooden planks) that started off going up a hill and rapidly turned into a vertical climb (thank goodness for squats). The rest of the week I surfed at Ala Moana Beach which is now my favorite place to surf but my foot is currently healing from all the rock/reef damages. I learned that surf reports are different in Hawaii than here because they measure their waves from the back instead of the face (so just multiply the surf report by 2).

Thursday I visited CrossFit Oahu/Honolulu and the box was HUGE. Crossfit Oahu has a total of 5 different locations throughout the island and they have special classes for kids who are training for a variety of sports (the main sport is football and the children were able to train on turf inside the box). Other specialty classes include CrossFit Kids, Crossfit Striking (similar to boxing training without actually getting hit), Ladies Boot Camp, and a Barbell Club (basically their Olympic lift class). When I walked in I thought I was at regionals again because there were two Rogue Rigs and a ton of equipment. The average class size is about 15 people and my favorite thing about their classes is that there is a daily question of the day so that people can meet each other and also to keep warm-up laps and rowing less quiet.

Marc Hino was the coach on Thursday and he was very welcoming and habitually giving instructions to the class. He was vocal about his reasons as to why we did certain movements and how the variation will help improve the overall movement. The WOD was for time at any weight and as follows:

  • 400m run (buy-in)
  • Couplet of your choice for the rep scheme:
    • 16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2
    • HSPU
    • Pistol Squats
    • Shoulder to Overhead (from ground)
    • Knee-to-Elbow
    • Squat (Any type and I did OHS)
        • 400m (cash out)

    All in all my trip to Hawaii was amazing but the WLC was pretty much nonexistent. My diet consisted of mochi ice cream, poke bowls, and acai bowls. I ended my trip traveling to the North Shore to visit Pipeline (even though it’s flat in the summer) and hiking to Lulumahu Falls, a waterfall hike. Thank you Bruce K. for the recommendations!

    Josh, on his Hawaii CrossFit vacation last week
    Josh, on his CrossFit and outdoor adventure vacation last week in Oahu, Hawaii

Did you get any rope burns from the climbing practice last week?  Bring pants!

Monday 7, 9, 10am, 4 and 5pm WODs.  HERO Strength Post Test with “DT” at 6pm
For time:
800m run
Followed by 10 rounds of the couplet:
15 KB swings 32/24kg Russian
2 rope climbs- touch ceiling and descend under complete control
800m run
Post time and scaling to journals/chalkboard
Compare to 150406

B scaling: 12 swings and 1 rope climb
C scaling: 10 KB swings and accumulate 20 seconds lock off on rope OR ground to standings for a given number of reps… 2-3 each set.
Sub for run is 1k row.

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