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Wednesday 150624 Gymnastics, Sled and Push ups

Our program is what we call constantly varied: mixing up the types of movements, the loads, the time domains (how much time a given work set takes), the combination of movements, etc, etc.  Taking a quick look at what we have done over the last week:
  • Tuesday- heavy front squats
  • Monday- heavy gymnastics and a long load carry for time
  • Last Friday- moderately weighted deadlifts and thrusters with rowing sprints
  • Last Thursday- fast/short running intervals, one mile, 800m, 400m twice
  • Last Wednesday-relatively light weight dumbbell agility work (split jerks) with some fast pull ups and light squats
  • Last Tuesday- moderately heavy presses and burpees for 55 reps

A quick and dirty summary over the previous week reveals 2 heavy days, a day each with fast running and rowing, light technical work involving footwork skills.  Work sets lasting anywhere from a few minutes to as long as about 18 minutes.  Bodyweight, barbell, dumbbells.  Squatting, pressing, pulling, and time under load.  Take a look at ANY week over the past 6 years.  Better yet take a look at a month’s worth of workouts to see that the skills addressed, the fitness domains covered and movements trained are broad, general and inclusive.  Appropriate to develop a wide base of physical preparedness to be ready for anything and everything- all physical (and mental!) demands.  Guaranteed!

Ron,  McGuire and Peter down the home stretch with Monday's farmer carries
Ron, McGuire and Peter down the home stretch with Monday’s farmer carries
**remember to bring your rope climbing long pants or whatever it is you like to use to protect your lower leg/inner thigh while doing rope climbs!**
Wednesday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs.  Hero Strength at 6pm
For 8 minutes:
Rope climb (or drills) for max reps in 1 minute
Parallette drills for about 1 minute
Sled push and push up WOD
Four rounds each for time of:
15m out and back sled push (160/115#)
25 push ups
Rest as needed
Post each of 4 times to chalkboard/journals.

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
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