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Monday 150622 Weighted Pull ups/TGUs and Heavy Farmer Walk

For those of you in the current Whole Life Challenge- you know very well that this is the last week!  For all of you who have done a Whole Life Challenge in the past- and there are at least 70 of you out there- you know that this is a BIG deal.  The 8th and final week of tracking food, ensuring exercise and mobility daily, keeping up with the weekly lifestyle practice, entering scores and writing reflections.  This coming Thursday’s classes and the Saturday 8:45am session are the WLC Post-Test workout.  Remember that one? 🙂

So, in a bond of solidarity with those finishing up the WLC… here is a challenge to all of you not currently in the WLC: create a goal for yourself this week that encourages, motivates, or otherwise forces/coerces you to strive for more this week.

Some ideas to choose from (or you can create your own). This week I commit to:

  • Attending at least 4 sessions at CrossFit Malibu (or 1 more than usual)
  • Adding a vegetable to each regular meal for the entire week
  • Spending 15 minutes on mobility each day
  • Daily meditation, quiet time or journaling for at least 10 minutes
  • Drinking 50 ounces of water daily
  • Or make up your own!

Any takers?  If so, make your commitment for this week public by posting it to comments and also writing it on the chalkboard when you get to the Hut today!  Thanks for taking that extra step in supporting those of us finishing up with 56 day challenge!

Ravi, a frequent visitor from CrossFit Milpitas, and Carolym synchronize their way through a Saturday partner WOD
Ravi, a frequent visitor from CrossFit Milpitas, and Carolym synchronize their way through a Saturday partner WODEvery other minute for 10 rounds, complete:

Monday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs.  Hero Strength at 6pm
2 weighted pull ups (AHAP)
2 Turkish get ups right arm (AHAP)
2 Turkish get ups left arm
Post Total weight lifted in pull ups/total R arm TGUs/Total L arm TGU
400m farmer carry for time (AHAP)
Post time and weight to chalkboard.

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