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Monday 150608 “Tabata This!”

One more schedule overview for new programs beginning this week:
Monday and Wednesday 6pm Strength class covers skills and strength related to the CrossFit Hero WODs. Each class session will culminate in doing a piece of the Hero WOD (they are usually quite long!)- and you can look forward to doing a few full Hero WODs this summer.

Tuesday at 5pm is the start to Gymnastics Specialty class with Kolby
Our first block will be focused on core, body awareness, and flexibility. It is highly encouraged to be present at all 6 sessions but okay if you can’t. There will not be a maximum capacity, but sign up via email now and reserve your spot at kolby.krystofik@gmail.com. For a $35 charge there is an additional option to take on outside of class “homework”- special assignments designed and written for the purpose of getting you to the next level. Although not required, this extra work will also keep you more accountable during this 6 week program.

Thursday at 5pm is the start to the Powerlifting Specialty class with Julia
The 6 week series will work through the three main lifts in the sport of powerlifting: deadlift, back squat and bench press. These lifts as well as a wide variety of accessory and supporting exercises will help you focus on increasing your strength in these moves. In this class you will also experiment with different variations of these traditional lifts- as taught in the Westside Barbell program.  This all points to more foundational strength… who doesn’t need/want that?!   It is highly encouraged to be present at all 6 sessions but okay if you can’t.

Feel free to speak more in depth with Julia and Kolby for more details.  Notice the chalkboard sections dedicated to each class… you might want to write your name under the correct section if you are going to join in on the fun, the work and the learning!

Jess works her front rack position and squat depth during a WOD last week
Jess works her front rack position and squat depth during a WOD last week

Monday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs. Strength class 6pm
“Tabata This”- this is a CrossFit benchmark WOD
Tabata Row
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Pull-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Push-up
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Sit-up
Post total number of reps for each activity to chalkboard/journals.
The Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 intervals.
Tabata score is the least number of reps performed in any of the eight intervals. Unit for the row is “calories”.   
Compare to September 23 2010

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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