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Friday 150605 Row/DB Push Press Couplet

Whitney says GOODBYE to Malibu, to Pepperdine and to the Hut.  Easy to do considering all of those places are just that… places.  Locations on a map that all draw people to them for one reason or another.  People get pulled towards Malibu for the waves, the mountains, the views and the beaches.  To Pepperdine for the academics, the view, and possibly a scholarship.  And to the Hut perhaps because they saw “Coach” on 60 Minutes or because they watched reruns of the CrossFit Games on ESPN.  Of course, most people walk through the doors at CrossFit Malibu because a friend sent them.  A friend that liked it enough to share it with someone… to share it with YOU.  Each one of those places has many, many more reasons that people have traveled far and wide to experience them.  But it isn’t usually the deep, real, true reason that people develop such strong ties to these places.  These types of connections are made by way of the people.  And at CrossFit Malibu the connections to the athletes, between the athletes, and with their families and friends is what makes it such an amazing place.  Whitney- thanks for being a part of that mix these past semesters.  I know it isn’t easy to say goodbye to everyone and wonder what you might be missing… but you are doing great things and it is time to experience even more!  Enjoy yourself in mountaineering school.  Have fun in all the natural places you will be going- and more importantly- keep making those connections to the people that make them special.  Special like YOU!
The 9am Group gathers around to say BYE during handstand #77
The 9am Group gathers around to say BYE during Whitney’s handstand #77
Friday WOD at 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm
For time:
2000m row
DB push press, 100 reps (40/25#)
Partition work as desired
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