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Thursday 150528 AMRAP TTB and Box Jumps

Thanks you for bearing with the power outage for the past week- the report is that it COULD be restored midday today, though there is no guarantee.  For any of you who have not heard, half of the Yard has been out of power since last Thursday evening and So Cal Edison required the replacement of the entire box- among other things- and all these changes necessitated city permits to be pulled.  As you might expect- these kinds of things take time in our small city by the sea.  Quite a few of you have made the same observation: too bad we couldn’t have just hooked up the rowing machines to the circuit board and powered those lights!

Saturday sessions to be aware of: 8:45am is a “make-up-day”– meaning you can choose any WOD from earlier in the week.  Your coach will warm up you, you can group up with those doing the same WOD as each other- and then get going.  Any WOD down Mon-Fri is eligible… which could make things interesting because that means “Murph” is fair game!  The 10am session is the standard 10am Partner WOD

Kim and Andy do the thruster-row for calories dance.  Tough one today.
Part of the West Malibu contingent-Kim and Andy do the thruster-row for calories dance. 

Thursday 6, 7, 9am, 4, 6pm WODs. FUNdamentals 8am, Mobility 5pm
Tabata Your Weakness- 8 rounds with one move, hold, or stretch
RDLs 7-7-7 for moderate weight
As many rounds as possible for 9 minutes of:
3 toes to bar
3 box jump up and overs (30/24″)
6,6 reps/9,9 reps/12,12 reps… Continue this pattern.
Post total accumulated reps and scaling to chalkboard/journals

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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