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Wednesday 150506 Two Round Triplet

Remember back in January we did a few experiments/tests with 100 kettle bell swings?  At the time I eluded to some time in the oh-so-distant-future when we would break out the KBs once again and hit the 100 rep count and include the 2 other movements we used in today’s triplet: running and pull ups.  The first “game we played” was back on January 20th when we challenged you with a 100 rep unbroken KB swing finisher.  Remember that?  The goal was nothing more than to complete 100 swings in a row- as light of weight as desired, Russian swings.  Just about everyone did it- a very successful experiment.  That was to prove/test the maxim that I have often uttered mid-WOD, “these KB swings aren’t THAT difficult, they are just boring/repetitive. Don’t put it down.”  I stand by that- relatively light swings CAN be finished unbroken in most WODs and it is the mental fatigue that causes most people to put it down to “rest.”  Now wait a second- you know that “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” … but I think that you should occasionally challenge these barriers that are often more mental obstacles than physical.  So, when the KB isn’t super heavy- try going unbroken.  Let’s see who you handle it today.

The second experiment was the WOD after which today’s WOD is patterned.  With a total workload of a mile run, 100 pull ups and 100 KB swings- there was really no strategy- based reason to break up the KB swings.  Believe me, I get it: there was definitely a grip strength reason to break up the swings- but since there was no additional work to do after the swings (intentionally) the idea was to see if you could get through them unbroken.  After all, just a few days earlier you completed 100 kbs unbroken at the end of a training session… why not go for it today KNOWING that it was possible?  There is a mental aspect to training… there is a rationale for just about everything that we program at CrossFit Malibu.  Just about : )

Today’s experiment is to pull all those ingredients back into the salad bowl, toss it around with a slightly different flavor and see how it comes out.  Same workload as January 23rd, also a triplet but divided into 2 rounds.  Don’t you think you SHOULD be able to do it faster?  Will you go unbroken on round 2 of KB swings?- absolutely do your best to do so- a physical and mental challenge.  Go unbroken on the first set of KB swings?  Hmmm.  That is YOUR experiment!

Charlie gets in some dips as a part of Hel-izabeth last week.  Anyone out there using DIPS as your movement for "Tabata Your Weakness?"
Charlie gets in some dips as a part of Hel-izabeth last week. Anyone out there using DIPS as your movement for “Tabata Your Weakness?”

Wednesday 7, 9, 10am, 4, and 5pm WOD.  Strength class 6pm
Tabata Your Weakness
Gymnastics skill work and practice
Two rounds for time of:
800m run
50 pull ups
50 KB swings (russian, 24/20kg)
Post each run time, WOD time and scaling to chalkboard/journals
ex: Mike- 3:22/3:45/17:28 (20kg)
***check out/post on the board the date: Jan 23, 2015.  This is the day we did the chipper: one mile run 100 pull ups 100KB swings, compare scaling and results.

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