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Top left- you all know that a foundational definition of CrossFit is that it is constantly varied, functional movement executed at high intensity.  Top right-  you know that we have 2 classes each week that are focused on improving a single movement (strength class on Mon/Wed 6pm) for a 4 week period and that, by definition, seems to run counter to how CrossFit was just defined.  In the case of this past April it was all about the SQUAT  Bottom left: yet within the dedicated strength program there does exist quite a bit of variation in the training method- yet it WAS definitely simply about the squat.  Bottom right: and Megan’s efforts across the month of April yielded an 11kg PR.  That is a HUGE PR considering the fact that she is a dedicated strength and conditioning athlete attending 6-8 training sessions each week.
The question is: Was Megan’s success a result of CrossFit?
 Post your answer/rationale to comments.

Listen today to the Friday Morning Drive at 9am with Peter and Mike as they discuss fueling human performance. Dial into the call and listen live AND get a chance to ask questions… (302) 202-1110, access code: 131-591… if you miss it, you can hear it on Sound Cloud.

Regardless of your personal outlook on the issue… we can agree on the awesome PR by Megan!
Regardless of your personal outlook on the issue… we can agree on the awesome PR by Megan!
Friday 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm.
Two rounds for time of:
400m run (500m row)
21 KB swings (32/24kg
15 chest to bar pull ups
12 ring dips
9 squat cleans (70/50kg)
Post time and scaling to chalkboard/journals
Compare to similar WOD on June 14 2014a

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