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Thursday 150430 WLC Prelim WOD

Attention all Whole Life Challenge participants… today is the Prelim workout for the upcoming 8-week season of the WLC.  The WOD will be run in all group classes today and there is a make-up session of this same WOD on Saturday morning at 8:45am.  If you are part of the WLC and are playing remotely- you can do the same workout as listed below.  If you don’t have any weights, that is perfectly fine- you can do the movements without weight and still get a good workout. There are links to the movements so click on them and watch.
All of you doing the WOD today at the Hut, even if you are not doing the WLC- you already realize that this WOD will also be a pre/post test WOD for you as well.  By default you will be measuring your progress over the 8 week period as well 🙂  So you will see this again at the end of June!
Kristin and Deana rep out bench presses during our biannual (or so) bench and curls WOD
Kristin and Deana rep out bench presses during our biannual (or so) bench and curls WOD
Thursday- WLC Prelim Day! 6, 7, 9am, 4, 6pm WODs, Mobility class 5pm
For time:
800m run then,
Four rounds of:
16 DB thrusters (40/30#)
8 DB facing burpees (the demo video is with a barbell… you will do them using dumbbells
800/400m run**
Post time, load and scaling to chalkboard/journals/WLC website
*(if your first 800m run is faster than 3:30, then run another 800m to finish the workout, if it is slower than 4:00 then run a 400m to finish.  IF somewhere in between.. then YOU decide what to run for a finisher.
To clarify the sequence/details of how exactly to do the workout- keep reading:
  • Determine your running course and have your equipment ready- timer and weights
  • Ensure that you write down all details of this workout- VERY important because you will repeat this same EXACT workout in 8 weeks as your post test.
  • Get completely warmed up and know how to do the movements… keep in mind that if you are new to the movements you do not have to use any weights!  Instead you can do the squat and then lift your arms up overhead each time.
  • Set the timer, 3, 2, 1, GO… Run the 800m distance and then go right into the 4 round sequence.  Do 16 thrusters followed by 8 burpees with a jump over the dumbbells.
  • Complete 4 rounds of 16 thrusters and 8 burpees and then go immediately to…
  • Final run!  Look at the timer right when you finish
  • Record your finish time
  • Do a cool down activity of a little walking/jogging and some stretching

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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