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Thursday 150423 Five Rounds of Max Rep Squats

Okay, so pre/post pictures can be misleading and they often do not tell the whole story.  Sometimes they do not even tell an accurate story- as you have seen, these pics can be purposefully faked with lighting techniques, varying grooming or standing postures, and if photoshop can alter modeling and portrait shots so dramatically then you know they can add muscles and sculpt physiques as well.
So when I post this pic of Darryl from 2 years ago, a naysayer can bring up all the above ways in which these shots COULD have been manipulated.  What we TOLD you is that our subject here created the changes below in “just” 8 weeks with 4-5 days a week of 1 hour training at CrossFit Malibu and a strict nutrition regimen though the Whole Life Challenge.
And that is the truth.  Anyone at CFM can testify in front of a grand jury that they were witness to Darryl’s transformation (both his physical changes and his increases in work capacity across broad time and modal domains).  But what I think is the best part of all of this…is that 2 years later his transformation has stuck.  He still looks a WHOLE LOT more like his “post” pictures than his “pre” pictures.  Maybe more important is that his performance in the gym continues to improve.
And if you still are doubtful come to the Hut most days at 7am, and you can check him out in person.  Up close, muscles and all with curly Coconut at his side.
Congrats to Darryl on his continued progress at CrossFit Malibu.  The WLC made those changes move along even more quickly.
Congrats to Darryl on his continued progress at CrossFit Malibu. These pics are from 2 years ago…and Darryl looks, feels and MOST IMPORTANTLY, performs better than ever!~
Thursday 6, 7, 9am, 4, 5pm WODs.  Mobility at 5pm.
5 rounds on the four minute mark of:
5 weighted pull ups (AHAP- stick with same weight across all 5 sets)
10 push ups
Max reps air squat to med ball until the 2 minutes mark
Rest until the 4 minutes mark, and continue for 5 rounds.
Post pull up load and total number of air squats to chalkboard/journals.

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