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Tuesday 150414 Ten to One Couplet

This week we feature pics and stories from YOU regarding what you do when you are away from the Hut- and what a perfect place to start because Rich puts in his fair share of training at CrossFit Malibu- but days and hours he dedicates to movement experiences outside of the gym environment are deep and rich. He is non-stop when it comes to pushing his physicality and the commitment he has to his fitness regimen shows up in every part of his life.  Drawing on his powerlifting past and a relentless pursuit of excellence in everything he does-Rich’s daily routine begins with some sun salutations and body weight movements like push ups, burpees, some ring work and squats.  In a single day he might go for a paddle, spend time on a slack line, go climbing and get in plenty of mobility work.  If you follow him on FB it might seem like all he does is play outside:) But between putting in full time hours and work and being a full time family man you might wonder how he has the time to be a full time outdoorsman as well… but he creates a way to fit it all in.  Obstacle course races, triathlon, teaching friends to rock climb, heli-skiing, all night Go-Ruck challenge with CFMers, and on and on… Keep up the life Rich, you are an inspiration!

Rich on his first day of trapeze school… yup, there is a school for this!
Rich on his first day of trapeze school… yup, there is a school for this!

Tuesday at 6, 7, 9am, 4 and 6pm for WODs.  Oly technique class at 5pm
Snatch grip deadlifts
Post load to chalkboard
For time:
10-1, 1-10 reps of:
Hang power snatch (50/30kg)
Box jump (30/24″)
Post time and scaling to chalkboard.
Compare to Oct 8 2014, April 27 2014 **though this was likely from the ground for many people, regardless, look back and check your weight, box height and finish time.

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