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Monday 150406 Run Couplet Run

We don’t run much but when we do… we run HARD!  To get faster at running we purposefully DON’T run every day.  To get faster and stronger in the department of rapid, repetitive bipedal ambulation we do lots of things… we squat, deadlift, row, do pull ups and handstands.

To run a faster 5k MOST runners… RUN.  They run on Monday and Tuesday… they might take Wednesday off OR they might go for a run or a jog.  Thursday could be a day off or a recovery run.  Then they often run on Fridays- but not much because Saturday or Sunday is usually a longer group run with friends.  As someone who did this for years, believe me- I am NOT mocking.  But I do KNOW that if you want to get faster (and even healthier AND less injury prone over time)… the answer is to NOT run most days of the week.

Funny to think that if /when running is programmed twice in one week at the Hut… athletes at CrossFit Malibu often say “wow- lots of running this week!”… and I would say that CrossFitters, in general would say and feel the same.  So this week you can anticipate 2 days WITH RUNNING IN THE WODs.  Rest assured you will be doing other activities too… which will not only make your workout MORE difficult but it will also be MORE fun and MORE productive to your life as a runner…er, to your life as an athlete.

Joseph finishing off his fourth and final round of Litvi Sprints… 8 fronts squats and an all out sprint
Joseph finishing off his fourth and final round of Litvi Sprints… 8 fronts squats then all out sprint
Monday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs.  Strength class 6pm
For time:
800m run
followed by 10 rounds of the couplet:
15 Russian KB swings (32/24kg)
2 rope climbs (touch ceiling and descend under complete control)
800m run
Post time and scaling to journals/chalkboard
B scaling: 12 swings and 1 rope climb
C scaling: 10 KB swings and accumulate 20 seconds lock-off on rope

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