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Monday 150330 FGB Version

Today’s WOD is in the format of Fight Gone Bad- a workout patterned after a mixed martial arts fight: 3 rounds that last 5 minutes each with a 1 minute break between rounds. It was reportedly created by CrossFit owner and founder Greg Glassman in trying to come up with a WOD for fighter BJ Penn who wanted a conditioning program that mimicked a WFC fight.  The story goes, Penn finished the WOD and said something like, “That wasn’t like a fight… that was more like a fight gone bad.”  The name stuck.  In the workout, each minute focuses on a different movement- and you work at it for max reps.  Today we use pull ups, push ups, box jumps, rope climbs and light overhead squats.
Coming Month’s Strength Class: Front Squat, Monday/Wednesdays at 6pm
Pre-Test with a 1RM Night this Wednesday at 6pm and then the month-long work on squats will finish with a 1 rep max post-test on Wednesday April 29th.  The month will be filled with a wide variety of squat work balanced with assistance and accessory work that will help increase strength for squatting!
Ryan, Josh, and Ondrej push through rowing and KB swings last week together.
Ryan, Josh, and Ondrej push through rowing and KB swings last week together.
Monday WOD 7, 9, 10am 4, 5pm.  Underground Strength at 6pm
Fight Gone Bad Format
3 rounds, 1 minute each movement for max reps of:
Chest to bar pull ups
push ups
box jumps 24/20″
rope climbs
Overhead squat (20/15kg)
Rest exactly 1 minute
Post total points for each movement across all 3 rounds.
Rope climb points vary depending on type of climb
Scaling level B:
regular pull ups
jet pack push ups
box 20/16″
rope climbs- static hold with leg locks 15 second hold = 2 points
OHS 10/5kg
Scaling Level C:
ring rows
training push ups
box 16/12″
ground to standing on rope each = 1 point

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