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Wednesday 150311 DB/Oly Triplet

Here are a few shots of Gaby working on her clean technique from the hang… also know as “the position that is the most effective for working out the majority of the big picture problems in the olympic lifts.”  Also known as, “if your coach is constantly allowing you to pull your cleans/snatches directly from the ground over and over again without ever giving you instruction from this position then he/she is doing you a major disservice.”  I digress.

Some of these points you can see, some of them you can’t… take my word for it.
Top left: getting organized.  Feet are in jumping position, tension on the bar with lats active, hook grip bar over center of foot, midline is set up and tense.
Top right: into the hang.  Bar still over center of foot, shoulders out over the bar, torso is rigid and neutral.  Neck is overextended- something to fix later on.
Bottom left: Power through the second pull.  Here is where we are doing some work.  During this practice session Gaby made great progress driving the feet through the floor and getting a more open hip before bending the elbows.  For the first time in a while she REALLY FELT THE BAR POP UP as a result of this improved drive.  You can see that her hip is pretty open but the issue here is that the knees are not driven in to full extension as well.  When she achieves this, it will be her next real AHA moment as she feels the bar pop up even more.  She is currently keeping the bar much closer than she has been in the past and while the bar is out in front a bit here… it is a BETTER POSITION than usual.  GOOD!
Bottom right: landing/receiving position.  Great footwork- in squat stance and no wider.  Elbow came through fast- and she is getting much improvement on that rack position too.  She pulled herself under the bar with just enough finesse for the amount of weight on the bar.

Get some video of your next lifting session!  It is essential feedback… we can go through it together:)

Gaby working on Oly technique with some power cleans from the hang.
Gaby working on Oly technique with some power cleans from the hang.

Wednesday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs, 6pm Strength class
Row and DB/Oly Triplet For time:
DB snatch, 50 reps (45/30#)
500m row
35 DB Squat clean thrusters (same DB)
750m row
35 DB Squat clean thrusters
500m row
DB snatch, 50 reps
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