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Monday 150309 Run/Oly Chipper

Friday Night Lights is becoming a destination event- with the Haugen Family (below) coming in from the D.C. area mom and dad (Jan and Gary) completed 15.2 while the kids and their friends gather at the Hut to spectate.  The Haugens are athletes are CrossFit Reston.

So, this coming Friday Night- gather up your groupies (you DO have some groupies don’t you!?) get ’em in here to cheer and chant for you.  You will get pumped up and perform better than you thought you could… I mean, Kolby increased his 15.2 Open WOD by 27.5% by doing it at Friday Night Lights.  An increase of 55 reps from his first attempt… and it was on the SAME DAY!

Coming later this week: the Whole Life Challenge Finale!  Post-test workout is on Thursday in all WOD classes and final chance is 8:45am on Saturday morning.  Get your post test hip and waist measurements, make sure you keep up with recording your scores.  First, Second and Third Place prizes for overall placements are:

  • First Prize– a 2 hour “Go Outside and Play” fitness adventure and play session for 2 people.  Can include trail hiking/running/biking, paddling (SUP or Kayak), Beach WOD, and other adventurous activities.  A customized outing specifically for you two!
  • Second Prize- Two individual training sessions including a 1 hour individual training block: you choose your area/s of concentration- gymnastics, oly, power lifting, endurance, met-con and/or a mix.  Then a follow-up with a 30 minute session to brush up on those skills.
  • Third Prize- A 1 hour individual training session: you choose your areas of concentration- gymnastics, oly, power lifting, endurance, met-con or a mix.
The Haugen Family getting in 15.2 while on a working spring break.
The Haugen Family getting in 15.2 while on a working spring break.  What did YOU do while you were on your most recent vacation?!:)

Monday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs, 6pm Strength class
Run/Oly Chipper for time:
400m run
Front squat, 21 reps (65/50kg)**
600m run
Power clean and jerk, 15 reps (same barbell)
800m run
Power snatch, 9 reps
Post time and load to chalkboard/journals.
**65/50kg OR what you used on 15.1- If you got more than 100 reps on 15.1: use more than 52/34kg

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
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