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Tuesday 150224 Max Rep Barbell Complex

Each WOD session taught at the Hut contains some element of skill work.  It is an important distinction to make that our classes are “taught”… and not “led.”  Remember that step aerobics class that you used to go to?  The instructor up in front of the group- moving right there with you step-by-step.  Calling out the next set of movements in an 8-count pattern, “5-6-7-8, forward, 2-3-4-5-6-7-8, and back…”    You get the idea.
Occasionally when talking about my job with a non-CrossFitter who is trying to visualize what a class is like, they often say, “So you must be in really good shape if you are leading 3 classes in a row?!”  They clearly don’t understand training with intensity… and that it is not physically possible to do a met-con AND teach it at the same time :0  “Yes, I am in pretty decent shape, BUT I don’t lead the class… I teach it.  Coaches at CrossFit Malibu teach the skills, assist in guiding you to move better and then actively coach you during the training session… comment on your movement, what to do better- stuff like that.”  It doesn’t usually sink in, and I think that’s because the non-CrossFitter likely thinking of their high school gym teacher driving around in a golf cart.
Suffice it to say that there is a teaching component in every WOD.  As a CFM athlete- take advantage of these periods in the class.  They might last just a few minutes before the start of the clock in a met-con OR instruction could last throughout the hour like during a session of cleans.  Even those movements that you FEEL good doing- take the extra time to concentrate 100% on how you are moving- stay in the bottom of that squat, integrate coaching feedback in the next snatch, struggle to point the toes and make that deadhang pull up look pretty.  It makes a difference in the long run.
WIth some skill work, Andy progressed from a knees to chest to his first Toes to Bar… then immediately did an ENTIRE WOD with them!
WIth some skill work, Andy progressed from a knees to chest to his first Toes to Bar… then immediately did an ENTIRE WOD with them!
Tuesday 6, 7, 9am, 4, 6pm WODs.  FUNdamentals 8am, Olympic Lifting Tech 5pm
Five rounds for max reps,
30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest of:
Front squat (60/45kg)
Shoulder to overhead
Power clean
Back Squat
Post load and total number of reps for entire WOD
Bar starts on the ground each 30 second set
(Yes, that’s 24:30 from start to finish… by hey- HALF of it is rest!)

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