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Friday 150213 Deadlift BBQ

Today for all you working up to a heavy single lift…you must create a written plan- one that leads up to and past your current 1rm. Keep in mind that we don’t deadlift at max loads very often. More common are other heavy lifts from the floor or the hang, like cleans and snatches. These and other “pulling movements” from the ground can also increase power output and therefore increase strength- indirectly resulting in a heavier deadlift. If you have never pushed for a 1 rep max then today you will start with 3-5 reps each set and working with a coach- bump up the weight as indicated.  This might mean small jumps… It could mean maintaining a relatively light weight across all sets to work on developing the motor pattern. Regardless, have your most recent deadlift numbers available so that you can have a plan. Keep your phone handy so that someone can video your sets- watch your lifts during your 3 minute breaks… take it easy and have a plan.
During the 5pm session is the Deadlift BBQ and Whole Life Challenge Half Way mark!  Please bring some WLC-compliant food to eat and share with others- the BBQ will be going if you would like to grill.  We will have some non-compliant drinks to share- hope to see you Friday night!  Usually we are eating and hanging out until about 6:30-7pm.
Thanks David B for sharing this article about a good post-deadlift mobility routine that would be good to use to recover from your deadlift work today (yoga-centric)
CFM athletes getting prepared for the Point Dume Sprint Triathlon
CFM athletes getting prepared for the Point Dume Sprint Triathlon
Point Dume Sprint Triathlon this Sunday at 7am~9:45am
at Point Dume State Beach… far east/south end of Westward Beach Road.
Come cheer on our athletes and have breakfast afterwards
Friday Sessions at 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm
Post load to chalkboard/journal/PR board.
*those not aiming for a 1RM today may do 5 sets of 5 reps,
either a volume set, each at the same weight for 5 rounds or
gradually work up to a heavy set of 5

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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