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Tuesday 150203 Two Rounder

PRs are set almost every day at the Hut… and the coaches and your fellow athletes want to know about it.   So DO take the time to record your pre and post scores on the February PR board.  It is NOT about bragging, ego or showing off- it is simply a mark of progress.  An example that hard work and effort pays off.  And since this is really the only evidence based indicator we track at CrossFit Malibu- it gives the coaches feedback about how well the programming is working and if/and how it might be adjusted in the near and far future to elicit different changes.  Keep in mind that the PRs come fast and easy in the first few months.  Enjoy the 20% increases in various lifts for now because later you might be celebrating big time for a 2kg gain in your deadlift.  Keep up the good work and congrats!


Tuesday 6, 7, 9am, 4, 6pm WODs.  FUNdamentals 8am, Olympic technique 5pm
6 minutes for quality movement of:
2R, 2L Turkish Get ups and 3-6 reps bar dips
Two rounds for time of:
200m DB farmer carry (50/35#)
DB push press 25 reps
200m DB farmer carry
DB renegade row 25 reps
Post load and time to chalkboard.
REMINDER- No dropping dumbbells.  Even on the mats inside/outside of the gym and obviously not during the farmer carry outside. The DBs should always be SET down with control and not dropped.

Tuesday Fundamentals 8am Week 4, day 1.
Final post test on Thursday… looking forward to see the progress!

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Due to the limits on class sizes. Every member must book their time slot in advance.

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