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Friday 150123 Mile + 100’s

The lifestyle challenges that are incorporated into the Whole Life Challenge are reason enough to join. They are life practices that can make a difference in everyday wellbeing, psychological and physical health.  Within the challenge, these lifestyle practices change every week and you are only required to do the one that is designated for that week.

What if you started to stack those practices? What if week after week, you continued the previous weeks’ lifestyle practices?

We can all generally agree that turning these challenge into long lasting habit are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.  Then.. why not step up your game (especially those of us who have done the challenge multiple times) and continue your practices week after week. Gradually creating habits that can last not just through an 8 week “game” but through the rest of a lifetime. Who knows?!  🙂  ~Kolby

Sometimes it is good to be just another penguin in the crowd!
Sometimes it is good to be just another penguin in the crowd!  Antarctica, Southern Hemi!
Friday 7, 9, 10am and again at 3 and 5pm
Romanian deadlift
For time:
1 mile run (Stuart Ranch Road course)
100 pull ups
100 KB swings (24/20kg)- russian
Post mile time, WOD time, and scaling to chalkboard/journals.
(ex: 6:45, 13:39 (18kg))



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