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Thursday 150122 Back Squat

Each and every activity we perform during our training- whether from the gymnastic world or olympic weightlifting realm is part of a broader, more far reaching family of actions.  They all fall under the category of human movement.  Preserve the intergrity of the movement.  We work for better range of motion overhead, stronger and more solid depth in the squat, and complete drive of the hip in the clean or vertical jump.  As we move closer to CrossFit Games Open (in about a month!) these reminders are posted here more often.  But before anyone starts getting concerned about range of motion out of fear of getting “no repped”… address lack of movement quality on a daily basis for what I think are more important reasons.  Address it in every warm up, in every strength set, in every met-con.  For health, for better fitness, for becoming a supple leopard, for injury prevention… and for simply preserving the integrity of the movement.

Mystery Gymnast: post your guess... who is this mystery athlete?

Thursday 6, 7, 9am, 4 and 6pm WODs.  FUNdamentals 8am,  Mobility 5pm
Back squat
5-5-5-5-5  (~85%1RM)
Spend 10-12 minutes working up to a heavy 5 rep, then repeat across ALL 5 sets!
For rounds of quality movement in 8 minutes on a running clock:
20 hollow rocks
15 supermans
10 mountain climbers using a step, not a jump and with a second or 2 in lizard opening position
10 scorpions

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