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Wednesday 150121 Press and Tabata Sets

Today’s is a “Best of the Recent Comments” Blog… Here is Julia talking about recent personal records set in the month of December:
During the WLC* I thought I was losing strength with all the weight I lost but I think my body just needed some time to readjust. My 5 rep OHS had stalled for almost a year, I was stoked to get a 5 kg PR on that. For my C&J I got some great advice from a competitive OLY lifter, her advice changed my C&J life. Stoked. My power clean work, I didn’t even realize I had beat my record until a couple days later and I’m pretty sure that happened within the same 30 day period, I’ve been working specifically on keeping the bar close, advice from a great coach;) My FS – I’m just overall stronger, it’s fun to see that one climb up.  After being at this CrossFit thing for about 3 years it’s awesome to still find so many gains. When I work on strength my whole game gets better. What’s cool about working on being strong is there are mental and physical aspects. It’s pretty awesome when mind and body combine. (*editor’s note- referring to the Whole Life Challenge in late 2014)

Wednesday 7, 9, 10am, 4, 5pm WODs.  Open Prep 6pm.
15 minute to a 3 rep split jerk, push jerk OR push press
Post results to chalkboard/journal.
Compare to the past 2 Wednesday’s journals.
20s ON, 10s OFF, for 8 rounds for each movement of:
DB push press (60/45#-yes, the intention is heavy)
Row for total calories
Hand release push up
Post total number of reps for each movement
(ex: DB-42, Row-36, Push- 48, Sq- 132)

Your progress tracker and results recorder.
View today’s workout and see the scoreboard.


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