What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program open to anyone interested in advancing their physical potential. The overall goal is to gain a high level of fitness across a wide variety of domains and to become prepared for any possible physical demand. We use training techniques and movements from gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, power lifting and athletics. Workouts are constantly varied, movements are functional, and eventually training is done at high intensity.

Group classes are one hour and are taught by at least one coach. Our usual weekday class size varies between 5-10 participants. Each night we post the workout information for the following day so athletes have some idea of what is coming. On any given day we will use barbells, rings, rowers, medicine balls, body weight activities, dumbbells, sandbags, atlas stones, sleds, jump ropes and/or kettlebells. Sometimes we run, sometimes we lift heavy. Everyday it is something different- every day it is hard work that helps you move towards your goals.

CrossFit is for everyone. Membership at CrossFit Malibu is diverse any way you look at it. We have an equal number of men and women, we also work with kids and youth sports teams. We have school-aged children, high school and college students, yuppies, baby-boomers and senior citizens- most of our group classes range from high school age through age 60+, with each decade in between. Our membership reflects the local community of parents, business people, students, executives and laborers. All abilities and fitness levels are represented- with former semi-pro athletes to recently reformed couch potatoes. Not everyone shows up with a high level of athleticism- but we teach people to develop high level skills with a balanced incremental approach. As is true in the general population- most newcomers have a history of injuries and physical ailments. We have tried and true methods of handling those issues that help to rehabilitate and aid in normal healthy functioning.

Membership at CrossFit Malibu is simple- you can choose to go month-to-month or get a discount for a 4 month committment. You can attend as many classes as you like. You can attend any class on the schedule and vary your attendance as you like. Most members attend between 2-4 days per week.

At CrossFit Malibu, we teach good movement mechanics first and bring the intensity later as ability and fitness levels increase. By getting to know our athletes’ strengths and weaknesses, we can help in scaling and modifying movements to fit individual needs. Everyone needs strength, flexibility, agility and endurance- regardless of how it is manifested on a daily basis- through sports, recreational pursuits, work demands or aiding in the ability to perform activities of daily living. CrossFit is for everyone… including you.