How To Start

Interested in starting CrossFit? We have multiple ways to introduce new members to CrossFit depending on your previous experience and comfort level. CrossFit is accessible to all ages & fitness levels. We take a great deal of pride in the diversity of members that choose to workout at CrossFit Malibu.

Step ONE: Get an Introduction to CrossFit: Which best describes you?

A. Interested in learning more before you join Please schedule a time to observe a class and see the diversity of people that workout at CrossFit Malibu. It is likely that you will find someone in the class whose story closely resembles yours. Stopping by and watching a WOD gives you a good idea about how the classes run and it gives you a chance to let it all sink in without the added pressure of participating. Read through the FAQ page to get an idea of what we are about. Still have questions? Pick up the phone and call us, we like to talk!

B. New to CrossFit You might already train/exercise in some capacity but do not have CrossFit experience. Schedule a free one hour orientation and consultation session with one of our coaches. During this hour, you will learn more about the CrossFit program, be led through a general warm up followed by a skills session and then a short CrossFit WOD (workout-of-the-day). The hour is set up so that you are better informed about the basics of CrossFit, to expose you to how we run our training sessions, and to give you a dose of what CrossFit feels like. The entire hour will be scaled to your fitness level. All your questions about scheduling, membership and specific about your specific needs will be answered in this hour.  Call (310) 480-7000 to schedule an appointment.

C. Experienced CrossFitter You have completed a foundational series at an affiliated CrossFit gym and/or have been training at a CrossFit gym long enough to become proficient in standard CrossFit workouts. You have a baseline fitness level and are ready to continue your training. Schedule a time to drop in and train with us during a WOD. Check our daily schedule, call or email and set up a time and date. Please give us a few days notice. You can see how we operate an hour-long class, meet some of our members and ask more questions about membership at CrossFit Malibu. The first session is free.

Step TWO: Join CrossFit Malibu

The majority of our members come into CrossFit with no CrossFit experience and participate in one of our two foundation programs designed to prepare individuals for CrossFit training. These are a series of group, small group or individual classes that cover the progressions of fundamental movements in bodyweight and barbell training. The programs are designed to accommodate anyone: from people with no athletic experience to people with a rich athletic history. The majority of our members come into the introductory program with no barbell specific training. The program starts with the fundamentals an is accessible to people of all athletic backgrounds. Upon completion of either the Elements or the OnRamp program, you will soon be ready to move into regular group WODs. As always, the introductory programs and group WODs will be scaled to your fitness level.

A. OnRamp is a foundations program that moves through the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit, orients you to how systems work at CrossFit Malibu, and focuses on improving mechanics, positioning and kinesthetic awareness. OnRamp starts at the beginning of each month and meets 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Classes are currently scheduled for Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-8pm and are integrated with Saturday Team WOD classes at 10am. Participants must attend at least 9 sessions of OnRamp before attending group classes. Attending the Saturday Team WOD is highly recommended but not mandatory. OnRamp program works well for those who can commit to attendance at the scheduled sessions.

B. Elements is a foundations program that meets for a minimum of 3 sessions. Each session is one hour. This can be done one-on-one with you and a coach, or you can bring a friend or family member and form your own small group. Each class takes participants through a warm up, skill progression, and practice of movements that will be used in a WOD. Just like OnRamp, the series moves through the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit, orients you to how systems work at CrossFit Malibu, and focus on improving mechanics, positioning and kinesthetic awareness. The Elements program works best for those who have busy or complicated schedules, want or need individualized instruction, have a small group ready to begin training, and those who have orthopedic challenges or very low levels of fitness. Some participants need more Elements sessions before they are ready to jump into group classes.