Getting Started

Getting Started
There are a few considerations before starting at CrossFit Malibu, depending on your experience with CrossFit, current state of fitness, and schedule. Read on and decide which best fits you. At any time, you can give us a call and get more information.

Look through this website and get some background
101023+CFM+one+year+party+0181Whether you’ve been at CrossFit for years, are new to the area and seeking a change in your training, or know nothing about us and were sent here by a friend- spending some time looking through our site will help you understand how we train at CrossFit Malibu. Check out the daily class schedule, read through the Frequently Asked Questions, scroll through the pictures, look at the workouts we have done recently.

Drop by CrossFit Malibu and observe a class session
No idea what CrossFit is all about? Perhaps you know someone who does CrossFit with us or somewhere else but don’t really know much about it- take a look at our class schedule and find a time to come by and watch a class. Stay as long as you like or just watch for a few minutes, either way you will get a feel for the class environment, see how the session is taught and get an idea what goes on.

Schedule a free orientation and introduction session
We like to spend an hour with each prospective member to give an individual overview of priscilla+mac+one+hand+kb1how our program works. The session includes a discussion about your needs, goals and background as well as the history and background of CrossFit Malibu. One of our CrossFit Level 2 coaches will lead you through a training session which has the same format as a group class: a guided warm up, some dynamic movement preparation, skill work and practice, the workout of the day (WOD), and some cool down and finishing work. Within this session, we will discuss the various ways of Getting Started we offer and help you to decide which one is right for you. These orientation/introduction sessions are often done individually and sometimes scheduled in small groups. Call or email to schedule your session.

Schedule a time to drop-in and try a class
If you belong to a CrossFit gym in another town or have been doing CrossFit on your own and are looking to join CrossFit Malibu– come in and try out a class. The first one is free, just give us a call or an email and we can schedule that for you. Let us know when you would like to attend and we will set you up with the right class session so you can jump in and see how our program works.

Unlimited Group Classes
$255/ month
$235/ month with a 4 month, autopay contract

Personal Coaching
$135/ one-hour session
$1250 for a 10 session package within a 2 month period

Getting Started Program
Elements Training (required for all athletes new to CrossFit Malibu)
$395/ Five individual, one hour sessions completed within a 2-3 week period

Special Memberships*
*Some discounts are available on an individual basis for current military, lifeguard, law enforcement with proof of employment. Available for full-time Pepperdine students, faculty and staff with current ID card.

Out-of-town Visiting CrossFitters^
$25/ class- please call and reserve a space at least 24 hours in advance
Weekly memberships are available
^We ask that all visitors have at least 6 months of experience with CrossFit. Visiting athletes should be well-oriented to CrossFit training AND be able to function independently in group classes. We do not allow friends/family who do not regularly do CrossFit to attend group classes. Cross training is not CrossFit.