Frequently Asked Questions

What takes place in a kids class?kids sled

Classes are between 30 and 45 minutes long and have the same general structure in each session. They begin with some basic warmup and agility movement- running, rowing, jumping rope; then move into practice of skills we have been working on- squats, gymnastics rings and parallette work, jumping, balancing. Next is a specific teaching set where kids learn new patterns of movement based on gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and calisthenics. We then put together a few activities to create a short, intense workout. These are different each day- to keep it fun and interesting. Finally we use some specific equipment and movements to use in a final game/activity. Kids keep journals and write down their daily accomplishments to measure progress over time.

What kind of kids benefit from CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is beneficial for kids and teens already physically active and involved in sports and for those who have no previous experience. It is an excellent way to develop and increase fitness, to improve balance, coordination and agility, and to participate in team work… all in a fun and supportive atmosphere. We have trained kids who are accomplished athletes in traditional team sports like soccer, basketball, basketball and football, in individual sports like dance, track and field, equestrian and skiing as well as adventure sports and recreational activities like surfing, skateboarding, motocross and snowboarding.

How do kids benefit from CrossFit?

Participants gain general physical skills, strength and conditioning as well as mobility and flexibility. Parent report that their kids improve in some way with EACH class they attend. Beyond the physical changes, kids gain confidence in their abilities to move their bodies, become more sure of themselves, and are able to rise to challenges. Since the atmosphere is supportive and encouraging, kids learn to cheer for and motivate others in the class- it is truly a team environment where improvement is the most important goal.

Is it all about sports?ball squat girls

Absolutely not. CrossFit Malibu Kids trains kids and teens for general health, fitness and strength- regardless of whether or not they play sports… or even like them! It is a program that teaches the foundational movements and skills as well as the conditioning and strength necessary to any activity (including sports of any kind) and for daily life in general.

Is there more to read about CrossFit Kids?

YES? CrossFit Kids Headquarters is located in San Diego County in the town of Ramona. Go directly to their website to see a kids workout of the day (WOD) and to read more. Also read their article entitled CrossFit Kids 101.