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Sweat Rx magazine featured CrossFit Malibu in a recent issue and in their online version










Pepperdine Graphic: CrossFit comes to Malibu

CrossFit is to exercise like Twitter is to social media. It’s big and only getting bigger quickly becoming a dominant exercise routine for health nuts along the West Coast.

Mike Anderson is a Pepperdine graduate and the owner and operator of CrossFit Malibu which opened just over a year ago. According to its website CrossFit’s program is “broad general and inclusive and combines weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics. To be a CrossFit expert” requires proficiency in multiple domains including cardiovascular endurance strength flexibility speed agility balance accuracy and coordination. And the best part about it? Rather than changing the program for those who are inexperienced CrossFit merely reduces the intensity of the exercise making it accessible to anyone who wants to try it.

A Toast to My CrossFit Anniversary by Wendy Sidley

After a year of exercising at CrossFit Malibu, I have become stronger, fitter and 40 pounds lighter.

Pepperdine Professor Ready to Compete in CrossFit Games at 66

Laurie Nelson, who has taught at Pepperdine University for 38 years, says CrossFit works for her because the training varies and she never gets bored.

CrossFit Journal: Box Tour CrossFit Malibu

Take a guided tour of CrossFit Malibu with the owner/operator.  Video courtesy of CrossFit Hq. CrossFit Malibu WOD demo on 121102

See an example of CrossFit Malibu demonstrate a workout as posted on the CrossFit main page.  In this demo, the coach integrates “time-domain driven scaling.”  A method of of modifying a workout so that all athletes are training for roughly the same duration.

CrossFit Journal: Laurie Nelson Starts CrossFit in her 60s

When Laurie Nelson was in high school, there were no women’s sports. It wasn’t until she graduated from college that college sports started for women. Once at Pepperdine University, where the 67-year-old is an associate professor of sports medicine, Nelson started the women’s athletic program there.

Pepperdine Graphic: Athletes take fitness to a new level

Malibu is fortunate enough to have a CrossFit gym of 1,525 square feet available to those who are interested in trying out the workout and testing their physical capabilities. CrossFit Malibu is owned by Mike Anderson, a Pepperdine graduate and former head of the physical education department. Anderson has been successful in garnering support from the Pepperdine community, and keeps people coming back for more.

CrossFit Journal: A metabolic Analysis of CrossFit’s Elite Part1
CrossFit Journal: A metabolic Analysis of CrossFit’s Elite Part2

For Team U.S.A., defeating Team Europe at last month’s CrossFit Invitational wasn’t the only challenge. While in Malibu, Calif., team members were subject to metabolic analysis by Pepperdine University during a rowing Helen.

CrossFit Radio: Dr. Cooker Perkins of CrossFit Malibu

Dr. Cooker Perkins is a professor and researcher at Pepperdine University, where she teaches courses in sports medicine and conducts research on maternal and child health. Perkins came on the show to talk about some of her research that was recently featured in the CrossFit Journal article CrossFit Training During Pregnancy and Motherhood. She described how pregnant CrossFit women who continue to work out are breaking new ground in the area of exercising while pregnant.

CrossFit Journal: CrossFit Training During Pregnancy and Motherhood: A New Scientific Frontier

Dr. Cooker Perkins and Hannah Dewalt explore training intensity during pregnancy and call on CrossFitters to help them take their research further.

One relatively new territory that has received a lot of attention in recent years is exercising during pregnancy. At this point, we know quite a bit about aerobic activity during pregnancy (e.g., walking, jogging, swimming). The first guidelines about what women can and can’t do with respect to aerobic exercise during pregnancy were published in 1985. Because the guidelines were based on what science knew (and did not know), these guidelines were quite conservative.

Pepperdine Graphic: Prof Nelson conquers Crossfit at 66

At 66 years old, most people’s leisure activities would likely involve strolls along the beach, reading a good novel at a coffee shop and, of course, the occasional movie night. Not much so for Laurie Nelson. She has worked at Pepperdine for the past 37 years as a professor of sports medicine as well as an adviser for pre-med students. Today, she is nationally ranked Crossfit athlete.