Kolby Krystofik

Kolby is in his sophomore year with LA County Lifeguards in the northern section. He has dedicated many years to water polo and swimming earning him a spot on the Jr. National Water Polo team and a scholarship to Pepperdine University.  With an ambition to push the limits of his physicality he joined CrossFit Malibu in early 2012.  After completing the CrossFit Malibu intern program, getting his CFL1 and working through the CFM coaches preparation course he began teaching in late 2013. He spends equal time playing outside as he does in training at the gym.  Kolby practices what he preaches, believes in being a life long student and has taken many opportunities to learn from others and get various certifications. “Through coaching I get to serve to our community and help people realize goals, gain confidence, and feel like they can tackle any task- in or outside the gym. Stronger and healthier everyday, something that brings me joy.” Take a class with Kolby, then ride across the street to the beach and catch some waves with him!
-Pepperdine University BA- Sports Medicine
-CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
-USAW Sports Performance Coach Certificate
-CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate
-CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
-CrossFit Level 3 Certified Trainer