Julia Rodriguez

Julia has been a faithful member and coach at CrossFit Malibu for a few years now. A natural athlete since the time she was old enough to be coached, she played most major sports while growing up. Although she never specialized in one sport she was always training “in season” which gave her a variety of experience, kept her sharp, and provided a solid foundation to a healthy and active lifestyle. Julia attend Santa Monica College, where she played volleyball for a couple of seasons before transferring to Pepperdine University. Here she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Arts- a degree that emphasized and focused on how to instruct and enlighten others. When first transferring Pepperdine, she quickly found her way over to CFM. Julia had been an active member, progressed through the coaching intern program and now teachers classes daily. Although she’s been coaching and teaching for a while now she is still dedicated to learning. She is constantly looking for ways to develop and improve by surrounding herself with the best coaches around, reading relevant material, and attending seminars- with topics ranging from nutrition, to body awareness, to running, to lifting. She believes in being well rounded, being driven, being mindful and living life purposefully. She enjoys physical training and loves that it makes her emotionally, psychologically and spiritually stronger as well.  Her life mission includes actively loving, and serving others well in the realm of health and fitness.

-Pepperdine University, BA in Liberal Arts 2014
-CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
-CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certificate
-CrossFit/WestSide Barbell Powerlifting Certificate
-FreestyleRunning seminar attendee

julia grace overhead

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