Friday 170707 Ten Round Triplet

So if yesterday’s WOD turned out to be much tougher than it looked on paper… today’s is going to be much more FUN than it looks on paper. You are going to see ten rounds and then want to click out and open Instagram for some distraction. Then you will get bored of looking at everyone else’s perfect lives and get back to checking out the WOD. Then you will see that there are only a few pull ups/muscle ups instead of a big huge set. It’ll be obvious that the consequence for breaking the wall balls will motivate you to get all ten each set. You’ll calculate that the sprint on the row will take less than a minute AND then there will be rest. It’s going to be fun. Try it out and let us know in the comments how it went.

IF you missed out yesterday, you have no idea how much Andy and Marcia suffered for the cause.

Friday’s WOD at 7 and 9am, 3 and 5pm
10 rounds for time of:
3 muscle ups OR 5 chest to bar pull ups
10 wall ball shots (unbroken always, *penalty for breaking a set of 10)
200/150m row sprint
Rest exactly 1 minute
Post time (including rests) to chalkboard/journals

Regular 9:30am Saturday WOD July 8th