Friday 170210 Heavy Thruster

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive some sort of info on “exercise and the brain” from one of our athletes, friends or community members.  Links to the New York Times  referencing alteration in brain chemistry after heavy lifting, cutouts from local newspapers and other magazines which discuss recent research in high intensity exercise and reduction in the risk of Alzheimers, health newsletters from various hospitals that advise being proactive in hitting the intensity in your workout because of the connection to improving brain function, and even anecdotal reports from family members saying that “CrossFit workouts result in clearer thinking after each session.”  This goes ON and ON… and keep sending in the articles.  Keep telling us your truths.  Most important- keep up the hard work because it has affect on YOUR brain and it helps you in myriad of other ways.  But we already know that you come in for the fun.

Mystery lifters number 167 in a 200 part series…on twins day at the Hut. Name the twins.

Friday at 7 and 9am, 3 and 5pm
From the rack, work up to a 1RM
Post load to chalkboard/journal/PR board
Compare to:
Dec 9 2016 (3 rep), June 20 2016 (5×5), April 18 2016 (3×5, 2×2), Feb 18 2016 (7×3) Sept 1 2015 (1RM), May 5 2015 (5×5)
for total working time complete:
500m row or 0.6 mile bike
rest until completely recovered
400m row or 0.5 mile bike
rest until completely recovered
300m row or 0.4 mile bike
Post total work time to chalkboard/journals