Wednesday 130313 5 Rounds NFT

Some updates for the week… for all of the programs currently going on:
Week 1 CFGames Open recap: go to to see who is leading the world and to see what place YOU are in in the world and the region.
Whole Life Challenge has a series on cooking without recipes at:

A few special classes this week- guest teacher Jessica today for yoga at 11:15am
and Oly Technique class at 6pm tonight

Wednesday’s WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm. Olympic lifting technique class at 6pm.
Hip mobility and trunk opening
-prone and supine scorpion twists and any hip mobility you like
handstand warm up and practice- 6-8 minutes
5 rounds, NOT for time of:
5 reps kick to hand stand (no wall used)
10 KB swings, unbroken (18/12kg)
X number of double unders as desired- (should be unbroken, but stated prior to WOD beginning)
20 seconds deep squat hold
Post ONLY attendance to chalkboard… as this is a movement prep and mobility/flexibility session

WOD Notes:
After getting completely warmed up with the group- get into some long, deep mobility positions. Work out your problem areas.
On the 5 rounder- there is a REASON it is NOT for time. IT is about getting focused and good solid ROM with the KB swings- and committing to a certain number of DUs and hitting that number each set- unbroken. Don’t race thru today- be aware of your positioning and movements.
In your squat hold- SPINE erect and neutral. MLS. Mid-line stability.
Attend YOGA at 11:15am. Period. It will be good for YOU. Specifically YOU.