march 11


Eight rounds of:
Push press, 3 reps (70/50kg) -taken from ground
Wall ball shot, 6 reps (20/14#) -focus on hitting tape exactly
Sumo deadlift high pull, 9 reps, (24/18kg)
Each round done as fast as possible, time each set- add total time for 8 sets
Post total work time and scaling to chalkboard/journals
Goal is unbroken reps for all 3 activities- but also try and go heavy
Rest as needed between rounds
4 sets of sled push; 2x15m (out 15m, back 15m)
Increase sled weight each set
Rest as needed, do 2-3 sets for warm up.
8-8-8 Romanian deadlift- moderate weight across all 3 sets
For time, complete:
400m run OR 500m row
3 rounds of:
6x15m shuttle run (touch line each turn)
8 DB clean and press (40/25#)- touch to ground each rep, no dropping of course
12 box jumps (24/20″)
400m run OR 500m row
Post only WOD time to chalkboard/journal
Hip mobility and trunk opening
-prone and supine scorpion twists and any hip mobility you like
handstand warm up and practice- 6-8 minutes
5 rounds, NOT for time of:
5 reps kick to hand stand (no wall used)
10 KB swings, unbroken (18/12kg)
X number of double unders as desired- (should be unbroken, but stated prior to WOD beginning)
20 seconds deep squat hold
Games WOD 13.2
Depends on 13.2, and should contain:
work on at least one skill movement
mobility work to recover from 13.2 OR to prepare for 13.2 make up
some barbell movement that is anticipated/guessed will come up in 13.3
Saturday- will send you a WOD soon.  It also depends on 13.2