Thursday 130221 Mile Run and Leftovers AMRAP

Games Standards Movement.  
There are only 2 more weeks until the first CrossFit Games WOD- which we will be hosting from 5-7:30pm on March 7th.  There still more training days to get ready… and more days to work on your CFG movement standards.  AND only 2 weeks left to sign up- do that NOW.  Today it will be the depth of your squat that gets scrutinized as well as your ROM on the handstand push up.  Hip crease below the top of the knee cap on every overhead squat and on every dumbbell squat clean.  On your HSPU- get the elbows locked out, keep the heels against the wall and touch the head to the ground on every repetition. Box jumps- require open hips at the top of the jump!  And yes, you ARE being judged.
AC… CFM athlete and WLC entrant… raising the bar.
Thursday’s WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, again at 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am
Warm up and 10 solid minutes of shoulder mobility work
6 rounds of tabata: Overhead squats (20/15kg)
In 22 minutes:
Run 1 mile (track time) and then use remaining time to AMRAP:
7 Handstand push ups
14 DB hang squat cleans (40/25#)
21 box jumps (20/16″)
Post tabata score, mile time and number of rounds to journals/chalkboard.
WOD Notes:
  • New to Overhead Squats… EASY NOW.  For the tabata…no weight needed.  Use PVC instead.
  • Yesterday- inversions, today- handstand push ups. This is an AMRAP- challenge yourself on the the handstand pushup.  If you crush through scaled HSPUs in 5 seconds… make it more difficult for yourself.
  • Mile run is from the Hut out to PCH, over Malibu Creek bridge to the second light pole and back.
  • DB hang squat cleans are… from the HANG.  Of course, full squat required every rep.
  • Spring off box jumps, though not required, ARE fine today- as long as hips get fully open on the spring off.  Step ups are NOT ok today, but you CAN step down from the box instead of jumping off