Thursday 130214 Valentine’s Day Partner WOD

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Today is a cute couples WOD- need not bring your own partner to play- we will fix you up with one upon arrival.  Those of you who are staunch bachelors/ettes… suck it up and grab a friend- you need to commit to someone else for only 15 minutes (not including rest!).
Announcement for Saturday classes:
7am Trail WOD to meet at Bluffs Park in the parking lot… be ready for a mix of dirt, grass, sand etc
9am WLC Prelim make up WOD (if you are doing this… you probably do NOT want to attend 7am)
10am Team WOD- as usual for Saturday morning.  You can attend this even if you do 7am/9am.
Yoga is back next Saturday at 8:30am
Whole LIfe Challenge Updates- We have 24 athletes already registered for the challenge.  Lots of questions about how it works- particularly about food.  If you have specific food related questions- check the forum and the blog on the WLC site… there are MANY people who have done the challenge before and so there are LOTS of tips and helpful suggestions that you can find.  Make it a habit to spend time seeking answers on the site… as well as posting yoru good ideas for others to try.  In addition, we will have “support” groups at the HUT to help keep each other accountable.  Keep this in mind as well… there will be a many-day learning curve and you can slide into the challenge and the various issues that come up as it continues.  It is one of those things that you will be better at as the weeks go on.  
Happy Valentine’s/Birthday Ondrej!
Thursday’s Valentine’s Day WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals at 8am.
Tabata: partner burpees (side by side, then “high 10” clap at top)
Partner Chipper for Max Reps of:
4 minutes of HR push ups and KB sumo deadlift high pulls (24/18kg), switch as desired for 4 minutes
-1 min rest-
3 minutes of simultaneous partner squats (grip partner’s wrists)
-1 min rest-
2 min max row for calories, partner does 400m run then immediate switch
2 min max row for calories, rower now does 400m run
4×1 min max pull ups (partner assisted if needed, no bands needed), switch after each minute for 4 total pull ups rounds
Each team adds up total number of reps for 15 minutes of work
***more than 8 people in a class?… 2 rounds of 2 min row/run can come before the 3 min partner squat/1 minute rest 

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