Wednesday 130206 DB Complex

Todays WOD is a strength set of dumbbell movements that we have done quite a few times over the years.  In CrossFit terms, that means we do it about 2-3 times a year- which is convenient to be able to track progress over time.  Take a look at the 3 “compare to” dates listed at the bottom of the page.  First thing to do when you arrive for your session is to check and see if you have ever completed this WOD- hopefully you wrote down the amount of weight you used!  One fun detail I will point out is that the Rx weight went UP from 50/30#, to 60/40#.  That went up for 2 reasons: 1) YOU are getting stronger and need to keep pushing the boundaries for your strength to continue to improve. 2) We now have heavier dumbells- so you can have some fun to the amount of 35, 45, and 60#- as we now have dumbbells those sizes!

An additional note of importance about this WOD.  It is meant to test your tenacity.  Your ability to set your mind to the task and to muster up enough strength and determination to complete each round.  With, of course, games standards range of motion.  (And THEN to put the dumbbells down on the ground ever so gently- with love and gratitude for giving you the opportunity to test your limits of physical and mental fitness.)  

Really… you will see that you might try and talk yourself into not bumping up in weight each round due to the sheer discomfort experienced as you move through the set.  Don’t let that twinge of anxiety creep in.  As long as you are mechanically sound in the movement- bump it up.  This is a training ground.  A time to hold strong, to test your limits.  

Jordan enjoying some fresh outdoor air

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Wednesday’s WOD: class times at 7, 9, 10am and again at 4 and 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm.  Final OnRamp class of the series is tonight!
A Parallette Dips
B Parallette pushups
Sled pushes… 5-6 sets each, work up to heavy at 2x15m (out, turn around and back)
5 Rounds NOT for time, as heavy as possible across all rounds (60/40#DB) , of:
5 reps, DB deadlift
5 reps, DB hang power clean
5 reps, DB front squat
5 reps, DB push press
Never put the DB down during the round, if you do, the round is over.
Post tabata score, post weight for EACH set of DB round to chalkboard/journal.
Compare to 120926, 120612, 110608.