Thursday 130131 Thusters and Run Ladder

Increasing weight while decreasing reps while increasing distance.  This one is done with only one barbell, carefully set up so that you can pull plates off the bar as the workout progresses.  Load your barbell with this in mind, as the clock does not stop… it is like a mini-pit stop mid-WOD.  Thrusters are taken from the ground, not from a squat rack.  

No Yoga class this coming Saturday.

Thursday’s WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  Fundamentals class at 8am.
For time:
60/40kg Thruster, 15 reps
200m run
45/30kg Thruster, 20 reps
400m run
30/20kg Thruster, 30 reps
800m run
Post time and scaling to chalkboard.