Tuesday 130129 4xHP Clean and Hold

When you click on the link below to see what is meant by Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs) you will see a video demo of the movement done by the soon-to-be legendary Sean Waxman, weightlifting coach. You will also see what it means to don a red sweatsuit and simply OWN it!  
More importantly, he also owns and operates Waxman’s Gym in Lawndale, CA- about 15 minutes south of LAX. He was a competitive weightlifter on the US national team and his girlfriend Ashley is still competing on the national scene.  Sean offers clinics and coaching- both web based and also live and in person.  The latter is much preferred- but if you cant make the drive to Lawndale… at least check his blog for his commentary and for some technique pointers. Go to Pure Strength.
Erin going over head… final rep of the WOD.
Tuesday’s WOD: classes at 6 and 9am and again 4 and 6pm. Fundamentals at 8am.
10-10-10 Romanian Deadlifts  progress to 35-40% of deadlift max
10 Rounds, as heavy as possible (start heavy, increase if possible)
Every 90 seconds, Hang power clean 4 reps, hold final clean in front rack for 20 seconds.
Finisher for time of:
500m row, 30 KB swings (24/20kg), 10 Knees to Elbows, 400m run
Post heaviest weight used for AHAP and time for finisher to chalkboards/journals.