Monday 130114 Beanie Babies Sold Separately

A few newcomers joining us this coming week in a variety of different intro programs.  
OnRamp- Monday and Wednesday at 7pm begins today!  There are a couple of spaces open- so if you know a person who is ready to begin their CrossFit journey- tell them to arrive at 6:45pm.
Fundamentals- an ongoing, rolling admissions intro program on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8.  Same deal- send friends and family our way.  
We also have a few doing Elements– the intro program done in a one-on-one setting.

In CrossFit Malibu Beanie News:
A piece of vital equipment that we could be benefitting from NOW in this cold weather- the CFM old-school beanie.  You have seen Manny, Kolby and John V sporting theirs over the past few weeks.  You can have yours in any of the colors listed below.  I really think that lime green is going to be a hit.  Ask Dr Deb.  Please have your orders in by Jan 31.. they will be ordered promptly on Feb 1 so don’t wait!  $15 bucks

Progenex order going out as soon as we get more customers on the order form.  We need about 8 more to get us a 25% discount and free shipping.  Savings that is passed directly on to YOU!  The order will be made immediately when we hit the magic number.  So check your current stash.  Remember- this is the last order until March, so even if you still have one full bag- you will need to get thru February somehow… order now.  

Order now!  Soon to be a collector’s item… hear that AC!?

Monday’s WOD: classes at 7, 9, 10am again at 4 and 5pm.  Strength at 6pm.  NEW ONRAMP at 7pm.
RDLs 8-8-8-8
Get warm, then 60/40kg across all sets
400m run for time OR 500m row*
Post PR to whiteboard
For time:
50 wall ball shots 20/14#
1 minute rest
40 pull ups
1 minute rest
30 abmat situps
1 minute rest
20 burpees
Post total WORK time to journals/chalkboard.  Post PR for run/row to PR whiteboard/chalkboard.

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