Thursday 120510 Regionals WOD #2

Another Regionals WOD just in time for So Cal Regionals weekend which begins Friday.  This WOD starts with some endurance, moves into true skill/technique and then into something heavy!  Some advice: do NOT crush the row, pace through the pistols (do them if you can!), so you can go heavy with the hang cleans.  This has a max time limit of 17 minutes… so if you are scaling the pistols- ensure scaling so that you get at least 5 minutes on the cleans.
We will get RIGHT into basic barbell warm up today… determine your weight for the cleans (at roughly 85-90% 1RM) and spend 10 minutes working up towards that number.  Set up a barbell… then start in on that row 🙂  Most classes will do heats on the rower… running a mile can be substituted.  
That look?…. It is called DETERMINATION. 
Thursday’s WOD: classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm.  YES, Kids class at 3:15pm. 
**No kids classes next week!**

CrossFit Games Regionals WOD #2- Watch Matt Chan set the record on this WOD to date
For time, complete: 
Row 2000m  (this will likely be run in heats depending on the crowd)
50 Alternating leg pistols (scale by holding bands OR substituting air squats)
30 Hang cleans, 100/65kg (go heavy here! deadlift, then clean from the hang; power or squat)
Post time and scaling to journals/chalkboard (17 minute cut off)