Thursday 120315 Open WOD 12.4

Here we go… starting off with the girl WOD “Karen” and moving into some real finesse movements, this one is going to be tough.  While this is in no way classifies as a HEAVY workout- 150 wall ball shots sure will be a meat tenderizer for the legs.  Double unders will take some real concentration- use whichever method is the most effective for you.  Remember lots of misses are both frustrating and take lots of energy.  Determine if you will do a single/double rhythm to ensure unbroken movement OR if you just get in as many doubles as you can before a miss. Either way be calm 🙂  If you have a muscle up in your tool box (meaning- in your recent past!), well good thing we did some progressions yesterday!  You should be ready to hop on the rings if you make it there.  For those who have yet to come close to experiencing one- don’t worry about it at all.  Look at this WOD like it is a couplet and try to get your 240 reps 🙂

Don’t forget about the Sunday Morning Trail Race at 7:30am from the Backbone Trail at Kanan- it is the second installment of the CrossFit Malibu Trail Racing Series!

Circus performers wanted.  Inquire within.

Thursday’s WOD: Games Open will be run in each class today; 6am, 9am, 4pm and the Big Event briefing begins at 5:15pm.  Kids class at 3:15pm is on as well.  Keep in mind that you are encouraged to attend an earlier class to practice a bit AND to help judge.  Dinner following the Big Event.
12 Minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall Ball Shots
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups
Post total number of reps to chalkboard and submit to Games site.
Scaling info:  Men- 20# at 10′ target/Women 14# at 9′ target/Masters Men 55+- 20# at 9″ target/
Masters Women 55+- 10# at 9′ target