Monday 120220 Back Squat and Stuff

Welcome to Monday… Happy Presidents week- regular schedule all day!  There is a lot going on this week, and with that, we will not add a new habit to the mix.  Please update your personal list of habit successes for the past week on the chalkboard… and continue with # of Veggies Daily.  Do you feel like you can add to that number this week?… then do so.  If not, simply stick with what you are doing!

The CrossFit Games Open Sectionals begins this week… with the WOD coming out on Wednesday evening.  We have 16 members signed up already- but we are still waiting for YOU!  So click here now.  If you are planning on doing the WOD on Thursday night- warm ups begin at 5pm and the first heats will go off at 5:30pm and continue until everyone is finished.  Hopefully you will also be able to take turns judging and cheering as well.

Competing on Thursday?… what will you do this week to prepare?  Follow your habits for one!  Next, be sure you do not overdo the WODs earlier in the week.  You might want to back off a little on Monday and Tuesday-  and then take Wednesday off.  Definitely do not come in and crush Monday thru Wednesday only to show up tired and beaten for Thursday night!

Back Squat during CrossFit Total- did she make it?

 New Photo Series for this week:  “Did he/she make the lift?”  Respond to comments daily!

Monday’s WOD: 7, 9, 10am and again at 5pm.  6pm Strength class with Ondrej.
For time, complete:
35/25kg Back squat, 30 reps
50% body weight sled pull 30m
35/25kg Back squat, 25 reps
20 Power push ups to 25kg plate
35/25kg Back squat, 20 reps
50% body weight sled pull 30m
35/25kg Back squat, 15 reps
10 Power push ups to 25kg plate
Post time and scaling to journals/chalkboard.

For this WOD, barbell is snatched/cleaned from the ground, push pressed, then put on back!