Wednesday 111228 A 21-15-9er

Here’s a website I read often that has an interesting take on Habits that I think you will find familiar.
Obviously, we have used two of the principles listed in our Fall Fitness Habits…“Start very small”… and “Do Only One Change at a Time.”  There are two other Principles listed, do you think those would help too?  Have you already been employing those as well?

Wednesday’s WOD: class times at 9am and 5pm… remember holiday week schedule!
Spend 15 minutes working up to 3 rep max clean
21-15-9 rep sets for time of:
Thrusters 45/30kg
Ring Rows
Ring Dips
Complete each round accumulating 30 seconds in an L-Sit hang from pull up bar
Post loads, time and scaling to chalkboard/journals.