Thursday 111110 Power Cleans/Bar Burpees

What goes into deciding on the photo for the daily CFM blog?  First, it is always great to have an interesting picture… good angle, clear or at least as little blur as possible, great lighting.  The movement should be eye catching- a BIG box jump, heavy deadlift, some palatable emotion conveyed…something to PERHAPS generate a member comment (good luck with that!).  A mix of athletes is well advised- everyone deserves some showcasing now and then.  Which brings me to an obvious question… What’s with putting YOURSELF on your own CF blog?!  Here’s the rationale: one of our new CrossFit Kids took the picture- ONE single photo and he hit the movement dead on, don’t you think?  Check out the color scheme… could that have been better planned?  And an argument for vanity will now be swiftly refuted… only 30kg!

New member goes overhead after finishing OnRamp.

Thursday’s WOD; class times at 6, 9am and 4, 6pm.
Weighted pull-ups 3-3-3-3-3 reps
15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
60/45kg Power clean (65-75% 1rm)
Bar-facing burpees
Post times and scaling to chalkboards/journals.

6 thoughts on “Thursday 111110 Power Cleans/Bar Burpees

  1. And jason… after Coach finished round 66 of OHS WOD of Death, rumor has it he than ran the pier to pier route to make sure the stream crossings were all passable for us challenged runners. Stud!

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