Wednesday 111102 Deadlift

Happy Birthday Stephanie!  Join us to celebrate at the Hut for a 5pm BBQ.  Just a hint… if Stephanie’s age were pounds, this week she will be turning 22.7 kilograms!

Come do some deadlifts so you can PR and record your achievement on the PR board for November.  We have a few stand outs for the month of October: Lee hit 4 PRs total with a new 500m row, Overhead Squat,  Front Squat and Press.  Trisha hit 3, taking 9 seconds off her 500m row, a 12.5kg surge for the Front Squat and also progress on the Press.  Way to go… keep hitting new heights…. ALSO keep documenting them!

Wednesday’s WOD; classes at 7,9,10am and 5pm.  Strength class at 6pm
Post loads to PR board, journals and chalkboard!