Wednesday 111005 Strength WOD

A HUGE congratulations goes out to CFM member and Malibu High School student Carolyn Pushaw for her early acceptance into the United States Naval Academy!  Carolyn is a top academic student at MHS, and has played Varsity Basketball and Track.  She recently hit a PR on her deadlift of 100kg… and she hasn’t even really had a driver’s license all that long!  Congrats to Carolyn and the Pushaw family- we are proud of you.

Congrats Carolyn!

Wednesday’s WOD; classes at 7,9,10am and 5pm.  Underground Strength Class at 6pm w/Ondrej.
Weighted Dips
Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps
For max load each set, this is not for time
Post loads for dips and squats to journals/chalkboards.