Tuesday 110927 3 Rounder

How did Monday’s hydration go for you?  Did you begin early enough in the day so that you did not need to slam a liter of H2O right before bedtime?  Was it more difficult than you imaged to try and add up all the individual cups you drank and then attempt to translate that into ounces and then try to keep a running total for the day?  Some tips–  fill up the total amount you committed to drinking right away in the morning, that way when you empty all of it into your body you KNOW you have met your goal.  Begin the day right after waking up with 8-12 ounces… a generous glass full.  Make sure and take in another 15 or so ounces well before your WOD.  Then, of course, get a healthy serving just a bit after finishing the workout.  Again, consuming  lots of water right before bed is not the intention. Pace yourself throughout the day.   Happy drinking.

Peace Love and Power goes inverted.

Tuesday’s WOD- class times at 6,9am and 4,6pm- Yoga with Kristin at 7am
Three rounds for time of:
65/50kg front squat, 12 reps
12 burpee pull ups
Post time and scaling to journals/chalkboard