Thursday 110915 Habit #2 Announcement

Week #2: Develop the habit of taking a DAILY multi-vitamin and DAILY fish oil capsules.
— of course… continue the habit from week #1…
Week#1:  Continue to show up and do X number of WODs per week (where x=the number YOU committed to)
Exercise and stress can take their toll on the body- in Week 2 we will begin taking very basic supplementation of vitamin and fish oil to assist the body in fighting general inflammation and to boost the necessary levels of vitamins and minerals we need for growth, combating disease and maintaining health. Read this!
Fish oils contain omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, substances that assist in the production of anti-inflammatory agents in the body.  These essential oils are common in fish such as albacore, sardines, mackerel, and salmon- as a result of feeding off microalgae and other fish that have eaten it.  Benefits from eating food and supplementing with these omega 3’s have been shown in research studies to include decreasing the risks of heart disease, cancers and arthritis- as well as relieving general inflammation in the body as well.  While we might try to obtain all the recommended vitamins and minerals from our daily food intake- supplementation with a daily multivitamin can help to ensure that we get what we need.

To do over the next few days: buy multivitamins and fishoil capsules.  You can find them anywhere from CVS to  Order online or get to a store this week so you are ready for implementation Monday!  Here are a few recommendations on fish oils: Barleans, Stronger Faster Healthier, and Omega Rx
Ensure that the oil you buy contains both DHA and EPA omega 3s.

Here is one recommendation on how to remember to take them: Buy a pill box (I got one in my stocking at Christmas)- stock it each week.  You will not have to keep track of if you have taken them or not!  The evidence will be crystal clear.
Finally- if you have any reason to believe that you should speak to your health care provider before beginning supplementation- then do it!

Thursday’s WOD; classes at 6 and 9am, 4 and 6pm   5pm OnRamp class.
8 minute AMRAP of:
8 Back burpees
8 Parallette Push ups
8 box jumps (20″)
Keep GOOD track of how many rounds and reps you completed…
Rest exactly 3 minutes and then:
# of reps and rounds you completed, for time of:
8 Back burpees
8 Parallette Push ups
8 box jumps (20″)
Post time to journals/chalkboards.